Services & Fees
Therapeutic Services
Dr. Black's practice  offers child, adolescent, family and individual adult therapy services.  While the areas indicated below are not exhaustive, they provide a general representation of the difficulties Dr. Black might treat at various stages of life.
Toddlers/Preschoolers  *Separation anxiety*Sleep problems
*Shyness or aggression*Preschool/pre-K difficulties *Adjustment to separation/divorce/custody issues
School-aged Children and Adolescents *Anxieties and phobias, including test anxiety*Depression*Anger and frustration *Educational/learning problems *Organizational/study skills
*Social skills difficulties *Traumas and post-traumatic stress disorder *Attention disorders*Disruptive behavior disorders
*Low self-esteem *Adjustment to separation./divorce/custody issues *Peer pressure * Disordered eating *Stressors related to college planning and admission *Relationship difficulties  *Substance use
  All of the issues prior as well as *Adjustment to college/university settings *Conflicts with parents/family  *Career/employment  issues
*Transition to adulthood issues *Depression *Anxiety  *Relationship issues *Parenting issues  *Separation / divorce issues
Dr. Black participates with a limited number of managed care insurance companies as an in-network provider; please contact her for specific plans and information.
Dr. Black will provide and discuss a full schedule of her services and fees with each patient and family.  Representative fees would include $110 for a 50-minute individual or family therapy session and $150 for a 90-minute complex family therapy session.
If you wish to request out-of-network reimbursement from an insurance company for whom she is not an in-network provider, Dr. Black will provide you with the appropriate documentation to submit.  She cannot, however, in any way predict or guarantee whether or not you will be reimbursed, in what amount, or in what timeframe as these factors are wholly controlled by the insurance company.